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Our Mission

Farleys aims to strengthen the co-operative economy by providing an unparalleled food shop experience, where members decide democratically how we do business.

Through the sale of predominantly nutritious foods, and with the help of our exceptional staff and members, those who shop at the co-op will not only benefit from fairly priced product, but will also enjoy the benefits of a healthy mind as a result of (mostly!) healthy foods. 

The Co-operative Principles


A co-op is owned & controlled by its members. Co-ops exist for the benefits of their membership who may be customers, workers, or the wider community.


Co-ops are democratic– every member has a vote and has an equal say in how it is run.


Every member contributesin some way – from buying products, working, volunteering or investing in it – and has a say in how resources are used and profits are distributed.


A co-op in an independentbusiness, owned and controlled by its members.


It provides education and training to everyone involved, so they can develop the co-op and promote the benefits of co-operation. 


It co-operates and works in solidarity with other co-ops to support the wider co-operative sector.


It works to support and sustain the communities it works and engages with.